Quick & Easy Cooking with Biona Easy Chef Condiments

1st Jan 2012

New Biona Organic Easy Chef Condiments make for quick and easy cooking

Keen to cook a hot, wholesome meal but short on time?  Missing that vital ingredient for your favourite dish?  Then look no further than Biona Organic Easy Chef Condiments.  The paste-in-a-tube range takes the hassle out of cooking, providing you with five different, classic flavours that are commonly called for in recipes.

Biona Organic Garlic Paste and Biona Organic Ginger Paste are new for January and are sure to become staple items in the fridge for time-short chefs.  Both are gluten free and wheat free.

For oriental cuisine choose from Biona Organic Wasabi Paste - a mildly hot, horseradish paste ideal for sushi or boosting the flavour of tofu.  Biona Organic Thai Curry Paste and Biona Organic Thai Chilli Paste provide readymade pastes for green and red Thai curries. 

For recipe ideas check out our Recipes page.