Gluten Free Oats!

22nd Sep 2011



Amisa Organic Gluten Free Oats Range – No risk of gluten contamination!



Over the last couple of days it has emerged that gluten free oats from Sainsbury’, ASDA, and Tesco supermarkets have all been pulled from the shelves due to gluten contamination.  Other private brands of gluten free oats have also had to recall their products because their oats derive from the same contamination area of Holland.  Amisa would like to reassure you that our three new Organic Gluten Free Oats cereals are guaranteed gluten free.

The oats contained in our Pure Porridge Oats, Pure Porridge Oats with Apple & Cinnamon Spice, and Fruity Oat Muesli are grown by certified organic farmers in Germany.  They are then processed in a gluten free environment and batch tested to ensure they do not contain more than 20ppm of gluten, as per the new EU Regulation on foods labelled ‘gluten free’.

Oats are recognised as a food that can help stabilize blood sugar levels due to its high soluble fibre content – key to slowing digestion and prolonging the absorption of carbohydrates.  The high fibre content found in oats is also known to help lower blood cholesterol, aid digestion and assist bowel function.

Amisa Organic Pure Porridge Oats 325g rrp £2.59

Amisa Organic Pure Porridge Oats with Apple & Cinnamon 300g rrp £2.79             

Amisa Organic Fruity Oat Muesli 325g rrp £2.99

a Wheat              a Gluten Free                   a Vegan                       a Low GI               

Available from all good independent health food shops and soon to be available online from Planet Organic.