New Products Launched This Month!

1st Sep 2010

Windmill Organics is delighted to announce the launch of new products from September

New to Biona comes Organic Dark Agave Syrup, in an easy-to-use squeezy bottle.  It is a low-GI sweetener made from organic Mexican agave plants.

From raw and organic brand RAW Health there is now delicious new Superseed Spread and Cacao Brazilnut Bliss Chocolate Spread, as well as two new raw honeys - Acacia Blossom and Tropical Forest.  Both products are great as bread spreads and can also be used as a dessert ingredient.

Special diet and nutrition brand, Amisa, brings you a new Organic Spelt Cous Cous.  Although not suitable for coeliacs, this versatile grain can be tolerated by some people with sensitivity to regular wheat.

For more information on these products please view individual product pages.